06 octobre 2015

The Abominables

In 2012, when I was working at Aardman studio I had the opportunity to work on several feature film projects, one of them was "The Abominables", adapted from the book of Eva Ibbotson. At that time the project was helmed by Luis Cook, and I think I've been the only artist to do designs for this project... Unfortunately the film has been quickly cancelled, so I take the opportunity to share some of the designs I've done for the movie:

4 commentaires:

Maveerick Uy a dit…

this is one of my biggest dream.. to climb in a cold mountains
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Zaritah Pierre a dit…

what software did you use in making that animation?

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Look at Fair Oaks Garage Doors a dit…

I want this story. Need to look for a copy.

Tien La a dit…

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