29 novembre 2010


Here the designs I've done for the concept album Dr TOM (EMI):

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Garrett Hanna a dit…

I am in love with every picture in this post.

Gyimah a dit…

I agree, These are all stunning! great work

TREVOR Simonsen a dit…

MY BRAIN JUST EXPLODED! truly inspiring work

Meryl a dit…


Anna Bron a dit…

thank you for this massive update!!!! gorgeous work

SHOo a dit…

Comme ils sont trop beaux ces deux derniers posts Aurélien! alors, là, hein, merci d'avoir partagé!!

jamie holmes a dit…

Very inspering work. I would love to see some zombies ;D


Mark Kjærgaard a dit…

fantastic stuff!

Anonyme a dit…

Biuuutifoul !

C'etait cool de te voir a L.A, repasse quand tu veux hein! :D

Julien & Rémi

Scott Forbes a dit…

Absolutely incredible!

Antonin a dit…

aouch !

Céline DESRUMAUX a dit…


tunamunaluna a dit…

I loved this short and I should have known you worked on this, especially when I saw the monkey.
It was nice to meet you and your gf1 last month!

louis de la taille a dit…

Effectivement, c'est du super boulot, tout le monde est d'accord là dessus. Je réalise notamment que tu es un très bon coloriste, ce qui est relativement rare chez les gaçons. (Enfin y'a toujours des contre-exemples, bien sûr, venez pas m'emmerder là dessus...)
Donc bravo bravo.

ALEXIS a dit…

Bravo ! superbes les villes !

JP a dit…

Would love to see a video capture of your process while painting these environments.

Kendra Melton a dit…

haven't stopped by in a while, and what a lot to come back for. So much fantastic, and beautifully done work. Amazing :]

Andrea Calisi a dit…


sexshop a dit…

tres bon

zen wang a dit…

wow, so inspiring!

Tan a dit…

I really love your painting style! Very original :)

Mac Rabbit a dit…

Impressionnant! On se fait plaisir aux yeux!:)

dongbangsac a dit…


amazing style!!!

Darnell a dit…

The art direction is very creative on! awesome work!

Gillibean a dit…

Wow what a wonderful selection of artwork! Youve got everything! Your colour design is just mind boggling! Absolutely gorgeous and your character designs are so fun and orinigal. Great blog =D

montres Armani a dit…

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